How to Install Cinema APK on Roku Devices

Cinema APK on Roku is a one-stop destination for the movie and TV show buff in you. Cinema APK rose from the ashes of Terrarium TV and has since then hold a place of its own. We do come across many similar apps daily but very few apps are so well organized and optimized as Cinema APK. In addition to that, it comes free of cost which is a cherry on the cake.

Roku’s official store houses a lot of similar apps for playing content but most of them shell out limited experience for free. You need to pay a price to enjoy those apps to the fullest. So most people started looking for a free option that could serve them better. Cinema APK is one of the best substitutes that you can find in the market today. In this article, we will elaborate on how to use Cinema APK on Roku without breaking a sweat.

How to Use Cinema APK on Roku?

cinema apk on roku

Cinema APK is not available for download on the Roku’s official app store which means it cannot be downloaded directly. We need to side load it on to our system so as to be able to use it. We will be using the Screen Mirror method today to help our users to install and use Cinema APK easily. For that you will need an Android device to begin with.

Steps to use Cinema APK on Roku:

1. Tweak the settings of your Android device

Before we start with the installation guide, we will like to tell you that your Android Device is incapable of installing third party applications if it is on the default settings. So we need to make an adjustment to let it install any third party application –

  • Go to Settings of your device
  • Then go to Security
  • You will find a toggle for Unknown Sources. Toggle it ON.

You can now install third party applications on your device.

2. Download All Screen APK on Android

All Screen Application is the medium through which we will be able to screen Cinema APK on to our Roku. For installing All Screen Receiver on your Android smartphone/tablet, you need to go to the official Google Play Store and search ‘All Screen’. Choose the relevant All Screen APK from the Search Results and install it.

3. Search All Screen Receiver on Roku

Similar to the one on our Android device, All Screen Receiver channel is to be installed on our Roku as well. For adding the channel, we need to go to the Roku’s Channel Store and search for ‘All Screen Receiver’.

4. Add All Screen Receiver to Roku

In the Search Results you will find the All Screen Receiver channel. Navigate to the channel and click on ‘+Add Channel’. All Screen Receiver has successfully been installed on your Roku now.

5. Install Cinema APK on the Android

Cinema APK is not available on the Google Play Store and this means that it requires to be side loaded. You can read this guide to install the app.

6. Open Cinema APK on Roku

We have got all the ingredients together and all we need is the last step to complete the process. Open the Cinema APK that has just been installed and choose your favorite content that you want to watch. Tap on the content and a menu will follow in the next screen. Tap on Open With…. option and select All Screen to watch the content on Roku.


We all love to watch movies and TV shows and that too on our own terms. Cinema APK on Roku allows just that and much more. You can follow the easy steps as mentioned in the article to get the setup ready in a few minutes. All you need is some popcorn and a bottle of coke and you are all set to watch your favorite movie for the nth time.

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